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Why us?

The Garchar Alliance

We don't "take clients", we make alliances. That is why from the start, we promise to treat you as family. This way, an ongoing relationship is kindled allowing us to tailor our services to suit you in the best way possible.

24/7 support, and an ongoing relationship to ensure excellent communication.

The Garchar Algorithm

Getting your website to the top of the search results is our mission. Therefore, we constructed a custom alogorithm that does just that.

Ongoing optimization to make sure your site reaches the top.

The Garchar Security system

Here at Garchar Design, we take security seriously. That is why we created a vast security system that takes all precautions into account.

Daily checks, dual backups, and a proven security system in place to make sure you are covered.

Our Working Process



Discussion of client needs, pricing, and scope of project.



Construction of website and web related content.



Review of work, client feedback, revisions



Activation of website, Discussion of future ideas & management.

***Length of each segment is dependent on the scope of project.


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